WIZBL will connect the real world and virtual world through the blockchain which is the infra technology of the 4th industrial revolution.

Hello, this is Andy Ryu, the CEO of WIZBL.

The quickly changing virtual and real world are asking us to make our choice: Would we participate in the change at the center of change or resist it?

Actually, this is not a matter of making choices. This is about survival.

We have seen three industrial revolutions.

Industry 1.0: Machinery revolution of a steam engine

Industry 2.0: Mass production revolution of electric energy

Industry 3.0: Knowledge and information revolution of computers and the Internet

And now we are living in the world of Industry 4.0 that connected to virtual and reality via ICT.

The time of revolution is getting shorter. If you recognize that the time of adaption is getting shorter, you should not hesitate for your survival.

The 4th industrial revolution is in progress with great speed, and after 5 and 10 years, the wave of new industrial revolution will ask us to make another choice again.

WIZBL provides a business model that focuses on the value of connection of technology and human in the world demands changes.

We took our first step in 2018 with the engineers who are sharing the ideal and we believe that it provides the basis for preparing the 5th industrial revolution.

The 4th industrial revolution will pass rapidly.

WIZBL’s all engineers and WIZBL partners from all over the world are preparing the coming revolution – not the past one.

The hyperconnectivity that connects all devices will connect human after all. There is no doubt that the basic technology is blockchain.

As MS, Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Samsung, Alibaba, and Tesla did, the blockchain company will add a new page to the history of companies.

WIZBL will add one page to the history of companies which s newly written, our all employees and partners will repay our customers, stockholders, partners, and government agencies’ support with creating a new history.
Thank you.

CEO of WIZBL Andy Ryu