We have launched our TESTNET on 8 June 2018, and the development of MAINNET has completed on 6 August 2018.
A new global blockchain standard based on the Blockchain Real-time Ecosystem (BRTE)

Real-time Blockchain,
(Financial transactions based on the blockchain system)

P2P distributed transaction ledger

WIZBL simultaneous transaction verification system

Simultaneous Ledger Verification by Implementing P2P Function

Even if transactions occur simultaneously based on a client’s transaction log entry function, the ledger verification not only minimizes the burden of the verification system, but it also maximizes the ability to make transactions directly through the Internet connection.

WIZBL uses an independent blockchain.

The blockchain’s usage of basic blocks to create and distribute coins makes it easy to improve stability and expand additional functions accordingly.

It surpasses the first generation that only uses blockchains as well as the second generation that uses smart contracts to verify transactions.

It has three to four generations worth of functions that enable autobiographical transactions and communications from one party to another.

The functional structure of the platform provides financial, manufacturing, and distribution features for the distributed ledger that is necessary for making actual transactions.

It enables transactions by excluding problems of the ledger’s various verification methods in existing blockchain coins (Bitcoin, Ethereum)

Each user (peer) has a ledger that distributes an algorithm to their wallet for user verification.

In comparison to the existing coin’s transaction process, the verification of the block that utilizes the policies created by the server guarantees a superior transaction speed.

To improve the security level, the server creates a new policy that is added to the wallet every few seconds to distribute it to clients and interpret the security key of the issued policy.

Since the transaction is verified centrally, it is faster and more secure than the existing method of verifying all existing blocks for transactions.

If the coins created based on Bitcoin and Ethereum use the WIZBL platform, there will be no transaction delays when the volume of transactions increases. This is because each algorithm can be interpreted by peers.

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