Business area

Business area
Infrastructure technology of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Blockchain
Six technical challenges for the 2018 World Economic Forum (Davos Forum)

It has its own blockchain technology, which is the digital infrastructure technology that is the basis of blockchain, artificial intelligence, automation, autonomous automobile, cyber security, large enterprise regulation and biotechnology, Media, public services, government services, and smart cities.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution creates new opportunities for companies with original technology in the blockchain

Actual business area WIZBL Co., Ltd. has been carrying out since March 2018 based on WIZBL Blockchain Platform, a proprietary blockchain.

Coin contract and development

WIZBL Exchange
Open and develop four Exchanges

Apply blockchain to Production of automobile missions Distribution, logistics,smart management such as AS

Apply blockchain to logistics, traceability, and counterfeit goods identification through luxury goods import and export

Apply blockchain to real estate smart contracts and payment, remittance and market analysis etc.

Apply blockchain to cultural industry such as movie production, import history, distribution history, smart contract and ticket issuance