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Blockchain Real-time Ecosystem

BRTE2.0 (Blockchain Real-time Ecosystem) is the basis of Blockchain technology and applies TPS real-time processing technology.
In addition to transaction records, it provides scalability to be used in all industries such as Payment Service, Medical Blockchain, IoT (Smart Home Hub), logistics and distribution, autonomous driving, electronic signature, and virtual voting.
Logistics Industry
Energy Industry
Smart City
Automotive Industry
Contents Industry
All Other Industries

BRTE 2.0 Features

In BRTE 1.0, the main goal was to improve the low transaction processing speed through the change of the block generation related algorithm. It was developed with the goal of increasing


While BRTE 1.0 focused on the transaction function as a currency, in BRTE 2.0, solidity-based Smart Contract is applied to the platform to break free from the limitations used in the existing limited field and secure the possibility of applying block chain technology in various fields. In BRTE 2.0, it was developed to utilize Blockchain technology to conduct financial transactions, authentication, voting, data storage and forgery verification.

User convenience

SDK and API provided
In addition to the application of Smart Contract, BRTE 2.0 provides SDK and API necessary for development to provide users with better development convenience, and it is developed so that users can develop DAPP that they need on various platforms.


Provided by BAAS
In BRTE 2.0, a solution was developed to provide BaaS (Blockchain as a Service) that provides OS installation, Blockchain engine, SDK, etc. services at once when users want to provide services using Blockchain. In providing Blockchain-related services, it has been developed so that there is no need to worry about constructing a Blockchain system, only considering the service.

BRTE 2.0 Applications

BRTE2.0 provides the most realistic consulting and customized solutions so that Blockchain technology can become a living and breathing service in all industries.

Financial Transaction

Remittance and currency exchange, Real-time payment, Financial service
Through the wallet function, you can manage major cryptocurrency assets including WIZBLpay, as well as provide deposit/withdrawal functions with external wallets or exchanges.


Treatment, Drug prescription, and Payment of insurance premiums
In the medical field, all events such as patient diagnosis or treatment, drug prescription, and payment of insurance premiums in chronological order can be recorded as well as events are stored as immutable records.

Internet of Things

Security device, Smart device control
Smart Home Hub supports control of energy and security devices and various smart devices that occur in the home, and when Blockchain is used, data forgery prevention processing is provided by direct data management and interference.

Logistics Tracking

Container real-time location tracking
Logistics real-time location tracking detection and container real-time logistics information management and cargo history data management

Online Voting

Prevention of forgery and falsification of voting and ballot counting results such as hacking and manipulation
The Blockchain-based online voting system provides transparency and security compared to existing online voting by applying Blockchain technology to the entire process, from voter authentication to storing and verifying voting results.


Security device, smart device control
Activation service using shared QR code technology and block chain that cannot be forged or tampered with

Autonomous Driving

Security, Data transfer, Real-time processing
Real-time transmission and block chain-based security technology for autonomous driving data processing and utilization technology and traffic big data processing are possible

Digital Signature

Sign documents such as forgery, falsification, approval, etc.
In order to prevent forgery and falsification of documents with signatures such as insurance, securities, and payment of important issues within the company, Blockchain is suitable. Depending on the purpose of use, it may be necessary to view only within a specific group, so it is possible to build an application based on Private Blockchain.

Pet Identification

Security device, Smart device control
Companion animal ecosystem project that provides various services with companion animal registration authentication and identification code

Insurance Review

Application, Issuance of documents, Insurance claim, Examination/Payment
By automating most of the claims adjudication and payment processing activities, Blockchain systems eliminate the need for verification or reconciliation steps and help reduce administrative costs and time for providers and payers.

Energy Direct Trading System

Energy Production, Distribution and Trading
By introducing energy block chain technology, it enables automatic power transactions between power providers and consumers to reduce transaction costs and provide transparent power transactions by sharing energy transaction information on a distributed ledger.

BLOCKCHAIN Business Consulting

Consulting, Development manpower support
Various consulting services are available for companies and institutions, which can support a wide range from investment attraction to technology provision, and provide support for excellent consulting and development personnel such as business alliances through partnerships or Co-Work