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위즈블, 두바이 EIHG와 투자 및 컨설팅에 관한 MOU 계약

WIZBL has signed a $200 million (28 billion KRW) investment consulting contract with EIHG (Emirates International Holding Group) in DMCC Town as part of a proposal for a blockchain-based payment business that will spread to 21,000 global companies and their countries.
▲(Picture provided by WIZBL)
【Korea Blockchain News】 WIZBL, a Korean blockchain company, and EIHG (Emirates International Holdings Group) in Dubai have signed a consulting contract for investment and development of a blockchain business.
WIZBL announced that it signed the contract with Abdul Razzgh Mohammadi, Chairman of EIHG, in Dubai on August 25, 2022. The contract concerns a $20 million USD (28 billion KRW) fund formation which includes investment in WIZBL and marketing and consulting support to expand blockchain technology into the Middle East and Africa.

EIHG has been in business for over 30 years and has grown into a general group company in Dubai. Chairman Abdul Razzgh Mohammadi has deep ties with Korea. He has been working with Korea since 1987 and he still retains photos of the workplace and Korean workers taken a long time ago. He said, “I still keep them because of the precious relationship with Korea.”
WIZBL acquired a license (DMCC-859417) for the blockchain distributed ledger technology from DMCC (Dubai Multi Commodities Center) on September 13, 2022, and is in the process of proposing a blockchain-based payment business in the DMCC building.

This is the world’s first payment business that uses blockchain technology and is strategically cooperating with the DMCC Crypto Center team through ‘WIZBL DMCC’, WIZBL’s local branch in Dubai.

WIZBL’s strategy is to finalize the business proposal for DMCC Crypto Centre and complete its consultation in October in order to receive approval from DMCC Chairman Ahmed Bin Sulayem in November of this year.

WIZBL stated, “If the payment business is approved by the DMCC, the ripple effect would be substantial. You will experience the world’s first payment service equipped with blockchain technology.” The fact that blockchain technology can be applied to the financial settlement field that requires high TPS and scalability is proof that it can be extended to any other industry.

WIZBL added, “Around 21,000 global companies in the DMCC building will use WIZBL’s blockchain technology, and it will be an opportunity to spread to each company’s country.” Finally, WIZBL went on to say, “after receiving approval for the payment business from the Dubai DMCC, we will attract investment from EIHG and large-scale investment from domestic institutions and funds. The funds will be used to build a system so that WIZBL’s blockchain technology can be used by all developers and businesses around the world.”
Reporter: Lee Ji-ho