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'BRTE2.0'-'NO-CODE Platform' Globalization Strategy Presentation

▲WIZBL CEO Park Kon, who is introducing his technology at a seminar on the platform commercialization of source technology of small and medium enterprises held at the National Assembly on December 11 last year. (Photo = Reporter Lee Han-soo)
A place has been set up to announce the globalization of “BRTE 2.0” by WIZBL Co., Ltd. and “No-Code Platform” by Agados Co., Ltd.

At 2 p.m. on June 3, the Kbiz Hall of the Korea Federation of Small and Medium Businesses will hold a presentation on the industrial application and commercialization strategies of Blockchain technology “BRTE 2.0” and “No-Code Platform.”

In particular, WIZBL Co., Ltd. has participated in the consortium as a Blockchain technology company to acquire European financial institutions since April, and plans to start building a Blockchain-based financial system in June when the acquisition ends.

According to WIZBL Co., Ltd., it has completed a technology that can handle real-time processing speed (TPS) per second, which has been pointed out as a limitation and problem of Blockchain technology.

Accordingly, it is possible to develop and apply each Blockchain-based industrial platform only in major industries around the world.

It is also conducting marketing to issue CBDC, which is being prepared in countries around the world, based on WIZBL’s BRTE2.0.

“BRTE 2.0 will be unrivaled in all industries that require the speed of processing transactions such as financial industries, autonomous driving, logistics, content industries, IoT, smart cities, and other transactions,” said a WIZBL official.

“At this event, we will present milestones for Korea to move forward in securing the global ecosystem and actual industrial application through real-time Blockchain processing technology ‘BRTE 2.0’ and ‘No-Code platform’,” he said. “It will be a place to discuss the reality of Blockchain and no-Code industry application based on our original technology.”
Reporter: Lee Han-soo