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Korean blockchain company ‘WIZBL’ enters ‘DMCC in Dubai’, the Holy Land of virtual assets

DMCC, around 160 blockchain companies including Binance located
WIZBL acquired a license for blockchain distributed ledger technology
WIZBL CEO reveals aspiration “Make global standard through its blockchain core technology”
A Korean blockchain company ‘WIZBLE’ establish a local corporation in DMCC, a special blockchain special zone in Dubai. Pictured is the DMCC in Dubai. (Provided by WIZBL)
WIZBL, a Korean blockchain company, successfully moved into the DMCC (Dubai Multi Commodities Center), which is attracting attention as a global financial hub. WIZBL has been developing its blockchain technology since 2014 and attention around the background of the company has increased.

On September 13, 2022, WIZBL acquired a license (DMCC-859417) for the blockchain distributed ledger technology from DMCC (Dubai Multi Commodities Center) and the Dubai government; it was the first such ever awarded to a Korean company.
Pictured is Park Geon, CEO of WIZBL, who acquired a license for the blockchain distributed ledger technology from DMCC. (Provided by WIZBL)
The name of WIZBL’s local branch in Dubai is “WIZBL DMCC.”

As the R&D office, the branch will play an important role not only in blockchain technical development, but will also provide technical support and education for local companies and marketing in the MENA (Middle East, North Africa) regions.

DMCC in Dubai has emerged as a global financial hub with a bold tax-free policy. Companies moving into DMCC are not only exempt from corporate tax in full, but are also free to deposit and withdraw their business earnings and investments. Such advantages make DMCC one of the most attractive free trade zones.

In particular, the “Blockchain Crypto Center” in DMCC has risen suddenly as a global hub for blockchain-related industries. Digital asset exchanges and blockchain technology companies in the world are relocating their headquarters to Dubai or newly entering into it. More than 160 companies currently reside in DMCC including “Binance”, the world’s no.1 digital asset exchange.

Because interest is very high and entry requirements are very complicated, moving into DMCC is considered to be “asking for the moon.” It is known that DMCC gave a high score to the blockchain technology developed by WIZBL. The Cryptocurrency “AIPC,” created with WIZBL’s own engine, officially reached and certified 140,000 TPS (transaction per second). This rate is significantly faster than other global coins such as Ethereum (about 30TPS) or Solana (about 50,000 TPS).

A WIZBL official said that “WIZBL is the only company that received a license for its blockchain core technology from DMCC and we’re preparing to collaborate and expand the global ecosystem with companies that have already entered and are planning to knock on the door of the DMCC.”

Park Gon, a WIZBL CEO, revealed his strong ambitions, “We will strive to make WIZBL’s blockchain core technology a global standard through DMCC’s policies and support programs. And we will show the power and technology of a Korean SME to the world in Dubai, the center of global finance and blockchain industry.”
Reporter Mr. Na Gun-Woong