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New global Blockchain standard based on BRTE (BLOCKCHAIN REAL-TIME ECOSYSTEM)

Simultaneous ledger verification due to P2P function implementation
Based on the transaction ledger entry function of each client, it minimizes the load on the verification system even when transactions occur at the same time, and maximizes the original function of cryptocurrency so that transactions can be made only with an internet connection

Real-time Blockchain
Blockchain-based financial transaction

P2P distributed ledger

WIZBL Simultaneous Transaction Verification System

BRTE Features

WIZBL uses an independent-based Blockchain.
Beyond the functions of the 1st generation that uses only the block chain and the 2nd generation (smart contract) that verifies transactions, it has the 3rd and 4th generation functions to communicate and transact with autobiographical transactions and counterparts. It has been improved to a functional structure in the form of a platform to provide the necessary distributed ledger for finance, manufacturing, distribution, etc.
Each user (Peer) has a ledger, and an algorithm that can verify it is distributed to the wallet To improve the security level, the server creates a new policy every few seconds and distributes it to the client. Since the function is installed in the wallet and the transaction verification is processed centrally, it is more stable in security and significantly different in speed than the existing method of verifying all existing blocks and processing transactions.