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WIZBL is a specialized company in the field of Blockchain solutions and financial platforms. Based on BRTE (Blockchain Real-time Ecosystem), WIZBL has prepared a new global standard Blockchain ecosystem and is presenting a service model specialized for Blockchain platform development and financial platforms.

In addition, we are sharing business models with overseas partners to participate as global partners in Fintech-related businesses, which are the center of the 4th industrial revolution era.

From the implementation of Satoshi’s peer-to-peer-based transaction model applied to Bitcoin to Smart Contract of Ethereum, Blockchain technology has proven how it interacts with people, businesses, and industries in everyday economy.

WIZBL is the first platform to bring radical changes and solutions while staying true to the basics of Blockchain.

We introduced a fast and reliable peer-to-peer based BRTE system as well as substantial decentralization. In other words, it is made possible by using a peer-to-peer distributed data management system in the installed wallet software.

WIZBL optimizes transaction processing and verification speed by eliminating data concentration in the central server, making it possible to store transactions by maximizing the speed of block generation. We are also maximizing our security efforts to protect our assets and values while reducing CPU energy consumption. All of this makes it scalable to a wider industry and flexibly meets the needs of businesses.

WIZBL will help us to develop Blockchain and usher in a new digital currency era.


Blockchain Real-Time Ecosystem True P2P
Distributed Ledger Management System


Developing a platform that connects everyone


Sharing information for the evolution of new Blockchain technology
Presenting a new Blockchain ecosystem through the WIZBL platform