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WIZBL R&D Center is taking the lead with the goal of scalability and practicality of the Blockchain platform through research and development of its own Blockchain platform, research on existing Blockchain platforms, and dApps used. In addition, in order to increase the usability of the platform, we are devoting ourselves to planning and developing dApps using the Blockchain platform through cooperation with related organizations and companies.

We are Creating a New Path and Future for Blockchain.

After the advent of Bitcoin and Ethereum, Blockchain is no longer a technology of the distant future. However, there are still limits to the application of Blockchain technology in real life due to the problems of transaction speed and scalability. To overcome these limitations of Blockchain and advance technology, WIZBL is developing technology with the goal of commercializing Blockchain. It was established to solve the inconvenience of Blockchain and at the same time present a true platform that moves forward into the future.

Creative and Safe.

WIZBL started by considering the problems of speed and scalability of the existing Bitcoin and Ethereum. With these concerns, WIZBL developed an advanced platform, and developed a transaction processing speed that Bitcoin did not have and scalability that was higher than that of Ethereum smart contracts. By developing a new Mainnet that did not exist before with its own technology, real-time transactions were realized beyond the speed limit of the existing block chain, and platform technology that increased the reliability of information was achieved through a redundant security system.

Suggestion of strategies for securing global ecosystem and practical industrial application through real-time Blockchain processing technology BRTE2.0