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Discussion of blockchain technology cooperation between WIZBLE and Dubai DMCC…R&D Center to be established in DMCC

(From left) Min Byung-chul, director of WIZBL, Zaher Elrom, general manager of the DMCC Crypto Centre, Gustavo Figueroa, and Park Kon, CEO of WIZBL. (Photo = WIZBL)
Blockchain technology company WIZBL visited Dubai at the invitation of DMCC Crypto Centre to discuss ways to cooperate with blockchain technology on the 19th.

Dubai, one of the world’s top 10 financial centers, is currently emerging as a blockchain global hub.

In particular, Dubai Multi Commodities Center (DMCC), a Dubai government agency, established the DMCC Crypto Center in May as a hub for the development and application of blockchain technology.

The DMCC Crypto Center provides an ecosystem environment for all types of businesses, not only blockchain technology companies, but also trading platforms, virtual asset provision and issuance, listing, and trading companies.

Due to this influence, about 16% of the 665 companies newly registered with the DMCC in the first quarter of this year were virtual assets and blockchain companies.

This invitation to the DMCC Crypto Centre is to propose the establishment of the Dubai headquarters or the Global R&D Center in WIZBL.

Gustavo Figueroa, general director of the DMCC Crypto Center, promised to introduce and promote WIZBL Core technology to companies in the ▲Support for WIZBL technology settlement ▲Priority cooperation ▲Priority review of WIZBL technology when implementing blockchain-based financial system ▲Investment and marketing.

“We have been suggested by the DMCC Crypto Center to have WIZBL’s Dubai headquarters or a global R&D center in Dubai,” a WIZBL official said. “We actively discussed strategic cooperation measures.”

In particular, it was meaningful to have a place to introduce WIZBL’s blockchain core engine technology to Dubai, he said. “It was recognized for its global competitiveness by introducing innovative technologies in the blockchain industry.”

“It is the first time in Korea that we have established a partnership with DMCC,” he said. “We have achieved the results of setting the stage for global advancement in WIZBL’s blockchain core engine technology.”

We will push for a strategic cooperation contract with Dubai’s DMCC chairman in August, said Park Kon, CEO of WIZBL. “We will also complete the establishment of the Dubai Global R&D Center within August.”

He added, “We will take the lead in blockchain technology cooperation between the two countries in the future.”
Reporter Lee Hansoo of Meta Media