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[4th Industrial Revolution Major Technology] Safe and fast payment, Blockchain is responsible for it.

Blockchain company WIZBL announced on the 22nd that it will participate in the world’s largest mobile communication fair “MWC 2019” to be held in Barcelona, Spain from the 25th (local time) to the 28th (local time) following the “CES 2019” held in Las Vegas in January.

At MWC 2019, WIZBL operates experience booths based on three themes: ‘ WIZBLpay’ based on its Blockchain real-time ecosystem (BRTE), ‘Diagnosis’ that shows Blockchain of medical data, and ‘Smart Home Hub’ that shows Blockchain of various data generated at home.

Under the financial theme, visitors can experience buying and selling products directly at ” WIZBLpay” in virtual stores to see how the Blockchain payment system can provide payment services at a fast and stable speed and how their transaction data is stored as Blockchain.

The medical theme simulates the process of Blockchaining various medical information generated by hospitals such as electronic prescription, medical certificates, and X-RAY. Through simulations, visitors can not only record all the procedures such as diagnosis or treatment of patients, prescription of drugs, and payment of insurance premiums in chronological order, but also save them as unchangeable records.

Smart Home Hub Theme shows visitors directly how Blockchain technology controls various smart devices that manage energy (lighting, gas) usage, temperature, humidity, and fine dust generated at home through simulation models and what their effects are.

“So far, we have operated booths focusing on explanations and demonstrations of Blockchain technology at various events,” a WIZBL official said. “We plan to operate booths as a venue for visitors to experience Blockchain technology in person starting from this MWC.”

In the meantime, WIZBL receives information about data and smart devices from participating companies, and also hosts events that programmers Blockchain data in the field and drive it on their main net, BRTE.

At this MWC 2019, major domestic companies, including Samsung, LG, and KT, and 2,400 companies from all over the world will participate to showcase innovative technologies and cutting-edge products, with 3,500 reporters and more than 100,000 visitors expected to visit the exhibition hall.
“Blockchain is a fundamental technology that can be used in all areas,” said Moon Young-chul, director of WIZBL. However, if it is difficult for users or businesses to use it, its utility is significantly lower. “Companies that research and develop Blockchain should put a lot of effort into establishing various languages and environments to make it easier for users and businesses to access.”

Furthermore, WIZBL is discovering service models that can be applied to a variety of businesses, focusing on overseas, and is actually. As a result, it is trying to get a lot of attention from Korean users, and it will continue to modify, supplement, and increase security updates and scalability.

Meanwhile, there are still many misunderstandings regarding Blockchain. This is a view that simply puts Blockchain on the same line as virtual currency. Last year, the virtual currency craze caused side effects such as reckless investment, and the number of people who view Blockchain as a bad view increased.

Technically, Blockchain is the foundation of virtual currency. Blockchain is so secure that it has to keep data intact as well as virtual currency and prove that there is no manipulation of records. It is a technology that can increase transparency and reliability in various industries.

Director Moon said, “The function of virtual currency in Blockchain should be the concept of fees that users pay when using the platform.” “Developers who develop Blockchain platforms try to generate revenue and dispel misunderstandings, and the public now sees Blockchain technology as a part of the technology.

“The level of Korean developers has already risen to a high level in the world. However, I feel that China’s technological pursuit has been intensifying since the second half of last year, and that Korea’s Blockchain technology will be eliminated unless many parts of the systematic regulations are improved. “We hope that all directions supported by the government can be of great help to Blockchain businesses that can produce a lot of added value.”
Reporter: Kim Han-so