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‘BRTE’, WIZBL’s amazing Blockchain technology

Photo = WIZBL
WIZBL, a Blockchain startup company, announced on the 28th that it had a road show for two weeks starting from the first week of June in the U.S. with its own WIZBL platform “Block Chain Real Time Ecosystem (BRTE)” developed with its own technology.

WIZBL platform BRTE has already been recognized as a fifth-generation technology in the U.S. In addition, BRTE solved most of the problems, including transactions and speed that traditional Blockchain technologies were unable to solve, and scalability that was implemented only by connecting to the Internet.

Through this road show, WIZBL once again introduced WIZBL’s new technology to U.S. Blockchain officials, VCs, private equity funds and businesses, and provided support for various age groups.

“We will grow the world standard Blockchain platform that can be used globally in the future,” said a WIZBL official who attended the road show.

Meanwhile, WIZBL announced its business plan to help Korean companies create new business models through Blockchain by providing WIZBL’s technologies to companies and universities that have been tied to foreign Blockchain technologies.
Reporter: Kim Min-hee