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WIZBL Unveils 5th Generation Technology Proof Testnet... Demonstrate transaction processing implementation

Photo = WIZBL
WIZBL Co., Ltd., which is drawing attention by solving problems that were considered difficulties in Blockchain technology such as transaction, speed, and scalability, recently unveiled a test net that proves 5th generation technology.

Currently, the issue of Blockchain technology worldwide is transaction processing. When Ethereum founder Vitalic Buterin and Japan’s Mitsubishi Financial Group announced that they were developing a new Blockchain platform aimed at processing 1 million transactions per second, WIZBL, a Blockchain company, said, “We already implemented 1 million transactions per second.”

The release of the TestNet proves that BRTE not only includes all the advantages of Bitcoin and Ethereum based on the Blockchain’s faithful basic design, but also solves the problems of transaction, speed, and scalability that software engineers have been trying to solve.

“We’ve already completed 1 million transaction processing designs per second in November last year, and we’ve been testing advanced and implemented technologies since February this year,” said a WIZBL official.

WIZBL was founded by leading software developers with extensive experience in designing and developing financial platforms such as banks and securities firms, and had already started developing new Blockchain platforms in 2013, before the company was established.

First recognized as the fifth generation in the U.S., the WIZBL Blockchain platform BRTE is the first achievement of WIZBL, which has focused on overseas activities to be verified first due to domestic regulatory and legal difficulties.

Meanwhile, WIZBL is planning to present the standard of Blockchain technology as a Blockchain company that specializes in Blockchain technology through verification by global Blockchain engineers through its Mainnet disclosure in August.
Reporter: Kim Han-so