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WIZBL takes first place in the world-class ICO evaluation reality show ‘Crypto Shark Tank’

| Wizble tops the global ICO reality show ‘Crypto Shark Tank’
▲ At the Korea Blockchain Week event held at the Shilla Hotel on the 18th, WIZBL officials demonstrated their technology in front of four Crypto Shark Tanks. Provided by WIZBL
WIZBL, which surprised the world’s Blockchain with its transaction processing technology of 1 million cases per second, was once again recognized for its technical prowess as it topped the global ICO evaluation reality show “Crypto Shark Tank.

The Crypto Shark Tank was held during the “Korea Blockchain Week 2018 (KBW 2018)” event, which was attended by more than 1,000 foreigners from around the world at the Shilla Hotel from the 17th to 18th of last month, and eight ICO companies that are receiving the most attention recently participated.

WIZBL became the first Korean Blockchain company to win the first place in the reality show “Crypto Shark Tank,” in which world-renowned Blockchain experts participate as judges to evaluate ICO companies.

This is a very symbolic event in Korea, which is recognized as a fast mover of Blockchain, in which Blockchain technology has been highly praised internationally.

The No. 1 spot in WIZBL’s Crypto Shark Tank is considered to have the opportunity for Korean Blockchain technology to occupy a significant position on the international stage in the future.

At the Crypto Shark Tank held on the day, the four judges judged the ICO company in the form of “pro-investment” or “anti-investment” when the participants explained it.

According to an official attending the site, “The judges rated the ICOs very picky and cynically, and the only WIZBL won the final first place with more than a majority of the votes.”

Meanwhile, “Shark Tank,” the original version of “Crypto Shark Tank,” is a reality TV show where investors and founders meet.

Shark Tank is so popular that 6 million people watch it per episode. Kevin, who made four appearances each time and sold his business to Mattel for a whopping 4 trillion won, Raymond, Barbara, a real estate tycoon in New York, Robert, and Mark, a U.S. professional basketball team.

The show’s name means, “Get into the tank of five sharks and survive,” and the four performers explain their business in front of the sharks and sell their shares in the company. In some cases, they go back in disappointment because they can’t impress anyone, and in some cases, all five of them are interested, leading to a close race between the sharks.

Crypto Shark Tank is a reality show where’s chief operating officer, Mate Tokay, and financial expert Adrian Gutridge appear as Sharks to evaluate the ICO.
Reporter: Park Chan-ho