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WIZBL-Agados, 'Countdown' to advance into the global market through its own technology

▲ Representative of WIZBL Park Kon. (Photo = Reporter Lee Han-soo)
“WIZBL,” a blockchain platform and infrastructure company, and “Agados,” a no-code technology company, announced their global expansion through establishing a financial system with their own technology.

The two companies held a presentation on the industrial application and commercialization strategy of blockchain technology “BRTE 2.0” and “No-Code Platform” at 2 p.m. on the 3rd at the Kbiz Hall of the Korea Federation of Small and Medium Businesses.

On the same day, a number of corporate officials attended, including Ahn Min-seok, a lawmaker of the Democratic Party of Korea (Osan City, Gyeonggi Province), Park Kon, a representative of WIZBL, and Park Yong-kyu, a representative of Agados.

Peter Kim, CTO of the Philippine Monetium Exchange, Jang Paul Luxbond Manager, and Tatsuya Iya Bloodin Healthcare CEO, who were unable to visit Korea due to coronavirus 19, said hello through video.

Under the theme of ‘Platform Business, SW Industry Competitiveness, and DT Human Resources Development’, CEO Park Yong-kyu of Agados announced ‘Strategy to Present Industrial Application and Secure Ecosystem through BRTE 2.0 Blockchain Platform’.
▲ Park Yong-kyu, CEO of Agados. (Photo = Reporter Lee Han-soo)
No-code technology is a technology that helps ordinary people who do not know difficult coding or programming to develop apps, web, or other programs that only software engineers could develop.

“In order to make an app, you need software development technology and in order to apply Blockchain technology, you need to be able to write code. However, anyone can create a Blockchain technology-based app because Agados’ no-code platform is applied with WIZBL’s Blockchain technology,” CEO Park said.

“The platform business is important in the future,” he said. “A high degree of freedom is needed, such as how much participants can do what they want to do.”

“We need to help participants create various values and we can implement this with Agados technology,” he said.
▲박건 위즈블 대표. (사진=이한수 기자)
CEO Park KonF of WIZBL announced the launch of BRTE2.0.

“We completed BRTE 1.0 platform in 2019 and implemented 120,000 TPS processing speed per second,” he said. “With this technology, we participated in CES2019 and also participated in Barcelona MWC.”

“Now we have completed BRTE 2.0,” he said. “Our goal is to build our own Blockchain ecosystem.”

The two companies announced that they will establish a global financial system based on their own technologies.

According to WIZBL, it has participated in the consortium as a Blockchain technology company to acquire European financial institutions since April and plans to start building a Blockchain-based financial system as soon as the acquisition is completed.

“In the Philippines, many Filipino workers are currently making remittances through existing financial services,” said Peter Kim, CTO of Monetium Exchange. “We are complaining of inconvenience due to the complicated use process and high remittance fees.”

” WIZBL has developed a new global Blockchain standard platform based on its own differentiated Blockchain real-time ecosystem,” he said. “We look forward to a convenient and efficient service by conducting overseas remittance services through the WIZBL platform in the future.”
Reporter: Lee Han-soo