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WIZBL, the world's first Blockchain-based financial system construction 'first step'

▲ CEO Park Kon of WIZBL, who is presenting a strategy to secure industrial application and ecosystem through BRTE 2.0 Blockchain platform. (Photo = Reporter Lee Han-soo)
WIZBL, a Blockchain platform and infrastructure company, has started to build the world’s first Blockchain-based financial system.

At 2 p.m. on the 3rd, WIZBL held a presentation on the industrial application and commercialization strategy of Blockchain technology “BRTE 2.0” and “No-Code Platform” at the Kbiz Hall of the Korea Federation of Small and Medium Businesses to announce this fact.

First of all, it announced the launch of BRTE 2.0 platform, which will be the foundation of financial system.

“We completed BRTE 1.0 platform in 2019 and implemented 120,000 TPS processing speed per second,” said CEO Park Kon of WIZBL. “With this technology, we participated in CES2019 and also participated in Barcelona MWC.”

“We have now completed BRTE 2.0 beyond this,” he said. “We have implemented real-time processing speed and now our goal is to build our own Blockchain ecosystem.” He added, “We expect people from all over the world to use our platform beyond Korea.”

WIZBL announced that it has been participating in the consortium as a Blockchain technology company to acquire European financial institutions since April and plans to start building a Blockchain-based financial system in June when the acquisition ends.

It also showed possibility of implementing technology through temporary financial system demonstration.

CEO Park said, “BRTE 2.0 platform can be used in various industries such as finance, automobiles, and medical services.” “First of all, I entered the financial industry.”

“I will participate in the European Bank Acquisition Consortium as one of the top three shareholders in charge of technology parts,” he said. “It is the first time in the world to establish a Blockchain-based financial system.”

“As we acquire a bank with a full bank license, it is meaningful that we have a foothold in demonstration projects such as smart banking, securities, insurance, card foreign exchange, and virtual assets,” he stressed.

” WIZBL has developed a new global Blockchain standard platform based on its own Blockchain real-time ecosystem differentiated from Bitcoin and Ethereum,” said Peter Kim, CTO of Monetium Exchange based in the Philippines. “We believe BRTE 2.0 Mainnet, which was launched this time, solved financial ecosystem problems.”

“In the Philippines, many Filipino workers are currently sending money through existing financial services to their countries, but the process of use is complicated and the remittance fee is quite high,” he said. “We hope to conduct overseas remittance services through the WIZBL platform in the future.”
Reporter: Lee Han-soo