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WIZBL-EHOST ICT, Blockchain Service Collaboration… Expectations for the globalization of technology

▲From the left, director Min Byung-chul of WIZBL, CEO of EHOST ICT Kim Chul-min, CEO of WIZBL Park Kon, and director of EHOST ICT Kang Sung-chul. (Photo courtesy of WIZBL = WIZBL)
WIZBL Co., Ltd., a Blockchain platform and infrastructure company, signed an MOU with EHOST ICT Co., Ltd., an artificial intelligence data center company, at its headquarters on the 25th for Blockchain service cooperation.

Under this agreement, the two companies promised to strengthen joint cooperation between ▲ technology cooperation between data center and Blockchain, which are essential infrastructure for the 4th Industrial Revolution, ▲ maintaining cooperation for Blockchain platform business.

WIZBL is a Blockchain platform company that developed BRTE 1.0 (Blockchain Real-Time Ecosystem) in January 2019 and recorded 120,000 processing speed per second, and introduced the technology at the 2019 CES Consumer Electronics Show and Barcelona MWC.

Currently, it has developed the Mainnet BRTE 2.0 (Blockchain Real-Time Ecosystem), which boasts real-time processing speed, and started launching a Korean native Blockchain platform around the world. At the time of its development, it received attention from industry insiders with 1 million TPS per second, faster than 50 TPS of Bitcoin, 500 TPS of Ethereum, and 3,000 TPS of EOS.

According to WIZBL, this technology has been applied to financial industries, automotive (autonomous) industries, logistics industries, IOT industries, content (big data) industries, and smart cities that could not be applied due to the low processing speed of Blockchain.

In January, E-Host ICT opened AIOCP, a platform specializing in artificial intelligence (AI) GPU servers, providing solutions related to artificial intelligence such as Blockchain, big data, self-driving, and deep learning, as well as server sales, leasing, and hosting services.

“We will do our best to stand out in the upcoming Blockchain-based society by sharing and cooperating with each other, not by signing formal MOUs,” said Kim Chul-min, CEO of ICT.

“We look forward to achieving globalization through cooperation with EHOST ICT, a Blockchain platform and artificial intelligence data company,” said CEO Park Kon of WIZBL. “The year 2021 is a year to build Korea’s IT pride, and the BRTE 2.0 Blockchain platform will dominate the world’s first Blockchain financial settlement market.”
Reporter: Lee Han-soo