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WIZBL – Pushpool System, Commercialization of door locks equipped with blockchain technology ‘cooperation’

▲From the left, Song Seong-myeon, CEO of Pushpool System, and Park Gun, CEO of WIZBL. (Photo provided = WIZBL)
WIZBL Co., Ltd., a blockchain platform and infrastructure company, will join in building a smart city.

WIZBL announced on the 23rd that it will sign an agreement with Pushpool System, a door lock company, and push for a demonstration project that applies blockchain technology to the access security system of smart city apartment complexes.

The project is expected to be the first step toward the establishment of a smart city as it will be joined by the Pushpool System of the Convergence Technology Research Generation Center of ETRI (Korea Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute) and WIZBL.
▲(Photo provided = Pushpool )
Pushpool Systems, which have more than 50 domestic and foreign patents, including patents for door shaking prevention technology, have not only obtained KC safety certification, but also developed antibacterial certified door locks and smart door locks “BaBa” and received “Brand K” certification from the government.

“Brand K” is a system supported by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups to become a product recognized in the global market as a national brand support strategy that connects Korean innovative SME products as a brand.

Pushpool Systems, which have also entered the Internet of Things (IoT) field based on door locks, introduced technologies transferred from ETRI, virtual blockchain patent technologies acquired from Korea and the United States, and WIZBL’s blockchain technology.

The Pushpool System explained, “We have developed a system that can safely protect against impure intruders by introducing WIZBL’s blockchain technology to door locks, wall pads, and CCTV in apartment homes with weak security problems.”

WIZBL has its own blockchain core technology ‘BRTE2.0’ platform that solves the processing speed and scalability pointed out as limitations of blockchain technology.

BRTE 2.0 is designed to be applied to various fields such as logistics, IoT, and autonomous driving as well as industries that make up smart cities.

As strong security is important in smart cities, blockchain technology is essential, said Park Gun, CEO of WIZBL. “BRTE2.0 enables blockchain technology to be applied to medical, urban administration, government, energy, Internet of Things, and transportation.”

In particular, the processing speed needs the ability and scalability to handle at least 100,000 cases per second, and BRTE 2.0 implements real-time processing speed, he said. “It is a technology that will bring about innovation in smart cities.”

Starting with this project, WIZBL’s status in blockchain technology will be revealed not only in Korea but also in the global smart city and real estate market, he added.
Reporter Lee Han Soo